Mr Ajay Kumar Sahu a Consultant Breast Surgeon, also the Lead Clinician for Breast Cancer Services and MDT Chair at North Bristol NHS Trust

Expertise/Treatments Offered

  1. One Stop Breast Diagnostic Service (Clinical assessment, ultrasound and/or mammography, and needle test by AKS - results given immediately except for needle test which is given within 2 hours)
  2. Risk Assessment of breast cancer
  3. Ultrasound of the breast and ultrasound guided procedures
  4. Mammotome in diagnostic and therapuetic procedures
  5. Minimally invasive Breast Surgery (fibroadenomas, nipple discharge)
  6. Mammotome for Gynaecomastia
  7. Surgery for benign breast disease
  8. Surgery for Breast Cancer
  9. Reconstructive Breast Surgery including nipple reconstruction
  10. Breast augmentation
  11. Breast reduction
  12. Mastopexy
  13. Laparoscopic Oophorectomy for breast cancer