Mr Ajay Kumar Sahu a Consultant Breast Surgeon, also the Lead Clinician for Breast Cancer Services and MDT Chair at North Bristol NHS Trust

Recent Publications & Presentations

  1. Does limiting long-term follow-up for breast cancer allow all referrals to be seen in 2 weeks? Ann R Coll Surg Engl, Jul 2008;90(5),381-5, S Potter, S Govindarajulu, M Shere, J Turner, A K Sahu, S J Cawthorn
  2. Referral patterns, cancer diagnoses, and waiting times after introduction of two week wait rule for breast cancer: prospective cohort study. BMJ, Aug 2007; 335: 288 ; doi:10.1136/bmj.39258.688553.55 Shelley Potter, Sasi Govindarajulu, Mike Shere, Fiona Braddon, Geoffrey Curran, Rosemary Greenwood, Ajay K Sahu, and Simon J Cawthorn
  3. Accuracy of sonographic localisation and specimen ultrasound performed by surgeons in impalpable screen-detected breast lesions. The Breast, Volume 16, Issue 4, August 2007, Pages 425-428 S. Potter, S. Govindarajulu, S.J. Cawthorn and A.K. Sahu
  4. Patient satisfaction and time-saving implications of a nurse-led nipple and areola reconstitution service following breast reconstruction. The Breast, Volume 16, Issue 3, June 2007, Pages 293-296 S. Potter, J. Barker, L. Willoughby, E. Perrott, S.J. Cawthorn and A.K. Sahu
  5. A prospective audit of the use of a buttress suture to reduce seroma formation following axillary node dissection without drains. The Breast, Volume 11, Issue 1, February 2002, Pages 94-96 M. Schuijtvlot, A. K. Sahu and S. J. Cawthorn
  6. Sonographically guided mammotome excision of ducts in the diagnosis and management of single duct nipple discharge. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, Volume 32, Issue 7, September 2006, Pages 725-728 S. Govindarajulu, S.R. Narreddy, M.H. Shere, N.B. Ibrahim, A.K. Sahu and S.J. Cawthorn
  7. Preoperative mammotome biopsy of ducts beneath the nipple areola complex. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, Volume 32, Issue 4, May 2006, Pages 410-412 S. Govindarajulu, S. Narreddy, M.H. Shere, N.B.N. Ibrahim, A.K. Sahu and S.J. Cawthorn
  8. Frozen Section of Sentinel nodes localized by Patent Blue V dye in Early Breast Cancer. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, Volume 33, Issue 9, 2007,Page 1135 E. Burd, S.Govindarajulu, A. Sahu, S.Cawthorn
  9. Sentinel node biopsy in multifocal breast cancer: Accuracy of blue dye assisted four node sample. European Journal of Cancer Supplements, Volume 4, Issue 2, March 2006, Page 81 S.R. Narreddy, Govindarajulu, S.J. Cawthorn and A.K. Sahu
  10. Minimally invasive breast surgery: Experience with the mammotome. European Journal of Cancer, Volume 37, Supplement 5, September 2001, Page 25 M. Schuijtvlot, A. K. Sahu, N. Ibrahim and S. J. Cawthorn

Presentation to 5th European Breast Cancer Conference, Nice 2006 (published abstracts in European Journal of Cancer,Vol4,Issue2, March 2006).

  1. Changes in working practice in breast cancer since the onset of guideline driven multidisciplinary meeting. A.Sahu
  2. Need for development of guidelines and outcome measures for the management of learning disability patients with breast cancer. S.Govindarajulu, S.Narreddy, L.Willoughby, A.Sahu

Presentation to 6th ASGBI Conference, Edinburgh 2006 (published abstracts in British Journal of Surgery).

  1. Should receptor studies be performed on both core biopsy and final excision specimens in breast cancer. S.Narreddy, S.Govindarajulu, M.Shere, N.Ibrahim, S.J.Cawthorn, A.K.Sahu
  2. Our experience in detection of occult nipple areola complex involvement in breast cancer patients using preoperative ultrasound guided mammotome. S.Govindarajulu. S.Narreddy, M.Shere, N.Ibrahim, A.K.Sahu, S.J.Cawthorn

Presentation to 5th ASGBI Conference, Glasgow 2005(published abstracts in BJS Vol 92, Suppl, April 2005).

  1. Simple technique to prevent dogear after mastectomy. S.Govindarajulu, S.Narreddy, S.J.Cawthorn, A.K.Sahu
  2. Blue dye assisted four node sampling: a feasible alternative in accurate axillary staging. S.Narreddy, S.Govindarajulu, N.Ibrahim, S.J.Cawthorn, A.K.Sahu
  3. Open appointment as a strategy for reducing outpatient workload in benign breast patients. S.Cheekatala, S.Narrreddy, A.K.Sahu
  4. Ultrasound guided mammotome biopsy by the surgeon as a treatment for single duct nipple discharge. S.Govindarajulu, S.Narreddy, N.Ibrahim, A.K.Sahu, S.J.Cawthorn